The tapes at top left (SONY) are BETAMAX while the ones to their right (FUJI and KODAK) are the VHS tapes which everyone had. Below them are the COMPACT VHS (VHS(C) tapes which were small VHS camcorder tapes which fitted into a full sized VHS adaptor (shown with one tape with open case). The tapes to their left (TDK Hi8, Sony Digital 8, and the black one) are all 8mm camcorder tapes and below them are two examples of what 8mm camcorders looked like. Finally, the ones at bottom right are MiniDV (digital) tapes with an example of a MiniDV camcorder.

ANY VIDEO TAPE AND CAMCORDER TAPE COPIED TO DIGITAL DVD FOR JUST £10 FOR EACH TAPE SUBMITTED (maximum of 4hours per single tape). STRAIGHT copies of your tapes - no editing, no titling, no music added (tapes have their own soundtrack)

Blu-ray disks - can be provided, but these are £20 each (that's twice as much for a pointless exercise). Why do I say 'pointless'? Well, please consider that Blu-ray definition is only feasible for materials RECORDED in HD, that is, modern HD camcorders recording on to SD cards and smart phones which record in HD. NONE of the tapes pictured above were recorded in HD, they are all ANALOGUE recordings - with the exception of the MiniDV which are DIGITAL recordings (but NOT HD). When our DVDs are played in modern DVD players they are 'upscaled' to full HD (according to the manufacturers) to give the very best possible quality of picture and sound. The same recordings on to Blu-ray, play to EXACTLY the same standard, so why pay twice as much?

Now I know that other providers of apparently similar services make outrageous claims of being able to convert analogue to HD !!! please TRUST ME! - it can NOT be done!

To order, please click on 'Order Form Download' tab at left of this screen. Other services can be appraised by clicking relevant tab at left - please DO read the Customer Feedback.

This written May 2014 by Cliff Williams

Telephone 01454 772857

Memories On Video, 24 York Gardens, Winterbourne, Bristol. BS36 1QT

Just a reminder of the video transfer services we provide:-

  • Video tape to DVD
  • VHS to DVD
  • Super VHS (SVHS) to DVD
  • Beta to DVD
  • Betamax to DVD
  • Camcorder to DVD
  • Compact VHS to DVD
  • VHS (C) to DVD
  • 8mm to DVD
  • Hi 8 to DVD
  • Digital 8 to DVD
  • Mini DV to DVD

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