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FOR £5

HD Camera Card Recordings To Blu-ray
(Video Movies Only – NOT Stills)

There are many types of camera card and mini cards used in 21st century HD video cameras.

When the Video camera is connected directly to a HD TV using the HDMI output on the camera the picture and sound quality is excellent – as good a TV picture as I have ever seen, it is truly as good as any broadcast quality that has ever been achieved, including in my opinion, the present day HD broadcasts

This format is, of course, the next logical step for ‘Memories On Video’ to take. We have always (since 1984) transferred ‘old media’ to ‘new media’ and now that the HD card format is firmly established as the ‘home movie state of the art’ it is only proper that Emily and I offer our customers the facility to have these HD camera cards transferred to the ‘state of the art disk player’ which is, of course the Blu-ray format.

Please note that it is NOT possible to transfer High Definition recordings on to ‘ordinary’ DVD disks. If we were to copy your HD card recording to DVD the result would be in standard definition – NOT High Definition.

IMPORTANT!! – Only moving pictures on your card will be transferred, if you have incorporated STILLS in your camera card programme these will NOT be transferred, our process will ignore them all!

To make this service easy to understand – here it is.

Any High Definition video camera card (however long) copied to Blu-ray disk for £20. Return p&p is still £5 (for any size of order) . ONE card only per Blu-ray disk. (compilations not undertaken)

As this is such a simple to order service, I am not putting a ’slot’ on the order form. You can write your requirement on the space already on the order form- below the ‘Other Services’ slot – also entering your name/address and credit card details on the form

OR you can simply write a note ‘Camera card enclosed to copy to Blu-ray’ . You can pay by enclosing your cheque payable ‘Memories On Video’ or phone us with your credit card details or ask us to phone you for your details.

We advise you to send the card(s) by RECORDED DELIVERY via Royal Mail or even NEXT DAY GUARANTEED if you prefer.

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